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From Nazi bunker to Cold War bunker - Guided tour in danish

The tour is for everyone with a unique spy story from World War II and a guided tour of the Cold War Museum bunker in Thyborøn.

One of the largest bunkers in Thyborøn Fortress was originally built as a naval command centre in 1944. Thyborøn Fortress was one of the Germans' most important and largest installations along the west coast of Jutland and consists of 106 bunkers.

After the war, the large bunker was used as a surveillance centre for the naval home guard during the Cold War. After the Second World War, Thyborøn was extremely interesting, as the new enemy was the Russians and the former Soviet Union. From the now fully renovated and refurbished bunker, the Marine Home Guard monitored the entrance to the Limfjord at the harbour in Thyborøn.

The surveillance of the entrance to the Limfjord continued, however, with an emphasis on civilian tasks until 2015. After that, the bunker was converted into a Cold War museum by the Maritime Historical Society.

In several cases, Russian ships came very close to the west coast of Jutland in their espionage work. These were Russian spy ships disguised as trawlers, and in one case they sailed right into the Limfjord itself. In this way, Thyborøn became a theatre for international intelligence work.

The tour also includes the historical background of the connection between the end of the Cold War and Russia's attempt to invade Ukraine.

However, Thyborøn had also formed the backdrop for an outstanding piece of intelligence work during the Second World War. This was the double agent Poul Morell Nielsen, who worked as an architect for the Germans on their bunker construction, but at the same time passed on everything he knew about the German defences to the Allies.

The architect behind the unique camouflage of the bunkers in Thyborøn was Poul Morell Nielsen. His highly accurate drawings of the German defences are still considered to be some of the best and most accurate intelligence work done in Europe during World War II. Morell's alias was the Turtle Spy.

The guide is a trained historian and has years of experience telling the story of the bunkers along the west coast of Jutland.

In bad weather, it is usually possible to stay indoors most of the time.


Practical information

Every Tuesday in August at 13.30-14.45.

Thursday 17 August at 11-12.15.

Saturday 9 September from 14:00 to 15:15.

Saturday 16 September from 14 to 15.15.

Price: DKK 85 for adults, DKK 55 for 12 to 15 year olds, under 12 years free.

Registration at https://historieguidenvestkysten.dk/thyboroen-faestningen/

Payment to the guide in cash or mobile pay.

Meeting point outside the Sea War Museum, Kystcentervej 11, 7680 Thyborøn.