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Open pottery workshop for advanced

Now you can join Doris Leuschner's open pottery workshop for advanced clay painters

If you already have some experience with clay, the OPEN CERAMIC WORKSHOP FOR EXPERIENCED CLAYMAKERS is the right place for you. We try our hand at slightly larger clay objects and special techniques in my cosy studio on Thursdays in the "odd" weeks.

Address: Haurvig Strandgård - Sønder Klitvej 84, 6960 Hvide Sande

Price incl. material and firing costs: DKK 100 per hour; 10-person card DKK 800
(additional material/burning costs may apply for particularly large objects)

You can sign up by email: info@doris-leuschner.de

Open pottery workshop for advanced students takes place every second Thursday of odd weeks, from 18:00 - 21:00.