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Special Exhibition at Frederiksborg Castle in Celebration of the Succession of Throne

In celebration of the throne change, Frederiksborg Castle presents a special exhibition where you can explore the museum's portraits of Queen Margrethe throughout the years.


Experience portraits of Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe throughout the ages.

Frederiksborg marks the succession of the throne with a unique exhibition focusing on the museum's portraits of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. The exhibition presents a diverse selection of portraits, including Andy Warhol's iconic glitter-adorned silk screen portrait from Her Majesty's official portraits and photographic works by Rigmor Mydtskov from 1972.

Through photographs, paintings, and drawings created between 1940 and 2022, the exhibition explores different stages of life and situations, from galas at Fredensborg to reflective moments on the beach.

See the Queen in pictures and Generational Portraits.

In the Knights' Hall at Frederiksborg, visitors can experience two impressive paintings of the Queen, including Niels Strøbek's majestic generational portrait, "Three Generations." This work depicts Queen Margrethe alongside her eldest son and grandson, symbolizing three generations of the Danish royal family.

Frederiksborg's director, Ulla Tofte, emphasizes the significance of this special exhibition, consisting of over 40 images, portraying Denmark's longest-reigning monarch as a focal point and synonym for the country. Meanwhile, the museum's modern art department explores the new royal couple, King Frederik 10 and Queen Mary, through paintings by Kasper Eistrup and Jesús Herrera Martínez and photographic portraits created by Marco Grob.

Practical information and opening hours

  • The exhibition is in Frederiksborg's modern art department on the 3rd floor, King's wing.
  • The exhibition takes place from January 13 to April 21, 2024.
  • Check opening hours and buy entrance tickets.