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Strynø Unplugged

10/7 Forget about everyday noise and dive into a world where only pure acoustic sound reigns

With your feet firmly planted in the calm island life and a fresh breeze around you, Strynø Unplugged offers a unique chance to enjoy live music in the form of exciting Danish acts like All My Exes and bands with 100% local "Strynian" roots - completely unplugged.

Based in authentic and sometimes quirky venues like www.smakkecenter.dk, you will experience music in its most authentic form.

Strynø's idyllic island life complements this unique music experience where you can disconnect, relax and let yourself be absorbed in the moment.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience music and nature in perfect harmony. Come and be part of a community that celebrates the raw beauty of music - completely unplugged on Strynø.

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