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Summer at Bork Vikingehavn

Step through the gates of Bork Viking Harbour and experience a journey back to the Viking Age, where history and thrilling experiences go hand in hand. Summer 2024 offers a range of exciting activities for the whole family, but this year there's something special that will have both children and adults cheering!

Summer news at Bork Vikingehavn
This year it will be possible to take part in warrior training and learn Viking fighting techniques, get up close to the weapons and fight the warriors yourself. A fun and safe way to experience Viking martial arts, where children can feel the adrenaline rush and parents can enjoy their children's joy and enthusiasm.

Experiences for the whole family
It's high season at Bork Vikingehavn and the dedicated volunteer Vikings are ready to welcome you with a host of activities. You can make your own leather purse, try your hand at bow and arrow or bake a flatbread. Every day is filled with fun and educational experiences that bring the Viking Age to life before your eyes. When you bring your family to Bork Vikingehavn, the children are always admitted free of charge, and you can play in the Viking playground, explore the many Viking houses and talk to the Viking volunteers. If you want to try some of the other activities, you can pay for them with our new, beautiful activity coins. Our coins are inspired by a find in Lønborg, where a number of coins made in the Viking Age between 840 and 890 were discovered. The coins can be purchased at the entrance or around the Viking harbour.

Meet the cute Viking sheep
When you visit Bork Vikingehavn, you can also say hello to the cute Viking sheep. Sheep are an important part of the Vikings' everyday life and were indispensable in the Viking Age when wool was used for clothing and sails, milk for food and meat for eating. Enjoy the sight of the sheep in the fold and learn more about the Vikings' livestock and their importance.

The Norse gods and Viking beliefs
Religion played a major role in the Viking Age and the Norse gods have been portrayed countless times in popular culture. Take a walk in the sacrificial grove and learn about the Norse gods Odin, Freyr, Freya and Thor. You can also visit Sct. Erasmus Church, a wooden church inspired by finds from the Viking Age. Perhaps you have an offering to the gods with a special wish for a good summer?

Enjoy the delicious food in the café
Should you get hungry, you can enjoy a meal in the café. There's something for every taste and something for both the big and small appetite. Visit the Viking Hall and see the day's selection of food, cakes and drinks.

Practical information
Summer at Bork Vikingehavn can be experienced every day from 10:00-17:00 from 29 June to 31 August.