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Summer concert in Ringkøbing Church: Orgelkoncert w/organist Klaus V. Jensen

Now you can experience an organ concert with organist Klaus V. Jensen in Ringkøbing Church

The concert begins in the church, where Klaus V. Jensen plays the church's two organs, and in the middle of the concert, everyone moves to the chapel in the churchyard.
An organ is not just an organ. At this concert, concertgoers will experience the different timbres and moods from the clear and colourful universe of the Baroque to the dark and warm sounds of Romanticism to the more sober and effervescent ideal of the post-war period. The organist chooses music that emphasises the distinctive character of each organ.

Ringkøbing Church has two organs:

  • The main organ is from 1974 and was built by Th. Frobebius & Sons.
  • The baroque organ has a facade built in 1633. Behind it, organ builder Mads Kjersgaard reconstructed the original organ in 2019 as it might have looked and sounded back then.

Ringkøbing Chapel houses the former organ of Ringkøbing Church. It is a romantic instrument with organ pipes and other organ parts dating back to 1861.

The event takes place on 16th of July at 17:00.

There is free admission to this concert.