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Surf Camp with North Shore Surf

During your summer holiday in Løkken, you can come to SURF CAMP at North Shore Surf

Løkken Læmole is one of the best beginner-friendly surf spots in Denmark. Perfect when you need to learn and explore the waves of the sea. Come with North Shore Surf in the waves of the North Sea! The low sandbanks at Løkken Mole and the skilled instructors make it possible for you to learn to surf.

Surfing, both on regular surfboards and as SUP, is a growing water sport. It is a sport that has gained great popularity, as the technique is very similar to skiing and snowboarding.There is both a lot of play and learning with surfing and can give great pleasure in the water.

5 days with a surfboard under your arm

During five days you get 3 x training days with an instructor. Here you get an introduction to the equipment, the basic techniques and not least safety. In the water, you are guided to catch the waves. It won't be easy - but it can be fun. Especially when it finally worked out!

The other days you are on your own, where you are allowed to continue on your own and practice the techniques you learned from the day before.

The surf camp ends on Friday in style! North Shore Surf's own photographer will come down to the beach, so that your surfing memories from Løkken Strand can be remembered. Your surf course ends with a social lunch - Fish and chips + soda.

So come and live your California dreams OUT WEST here in Løkken!

Read more about booking and the course right here.

More than just boards

If there are no waves on the day you want, or you're just the type to enjoy the sea from shore, North Shore Surf has other activities than just surfing. Their wide terrace provides space for you to enjoy the sea air with a good cup of coffee together with an ice cream from their café. Follow along on North Shore Surf's own website or Facebook page.

Sauna and wilderness bath - all year round

North Shore Surf has two saunas which are available all year round. Perfect facility regardless of whether you have just been in the water, surfed or winter bathed. Next to the saunas there are two wilderness baths. Get down to gear under the open sky, feel the rush from the west and most importantly - enjoy the best view! Book well in advance, as the wilderness baths are in high demand!