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Theesink & Møller at GENERATOR

Hans Theessink and Knud Møller have put an exciting new concert series in the safe, blue-tanned hands of Hans Theessink and Knud Møller when they tour Denmark in spring 2024.

The competent blues duo guarantees that the audience will be treated to an intense and captivating concert. The repertoire consists of songs from Hans Theessink's rich back catalogue, spiced up with songs from the traditional blues root genre, which the duo masters so well. Performed with Theessink's deep, warm baritone, it goes straight to thoughtful blues hearts.

The concerts are garnished with highly skilled treats for guitar enthusiasts in the form of sensitively performed improvisations. Both Hans Theessink and Knud Møller have received various awards and recognitions in their respective home countries, Austria and Denmark. Knud Møller has, among other things, received the award as "Danish Instrumentalist of the Year". Hans Theessink has - several times - won the Austrian "Amadeus Music Award" for best release in the Jazz World Blues category.

Awards they are happy and proud of, but they themselves appreciate blues music the most. Playing it and being in it - together with the audience. That's WHAT they are passionate about, and THAT is what shines through when they are together on stage.

When: Thursday the 14th of March, 20:00, doors open at 19:00