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Tuk-tuk rally on Ærø

Every year Tuk-tuk fans and owners flock to Ærø to participate in the Tuk-tuk rally.


There are many names for a favourite child. The small cars that many of us know from taxi driving in India, for example, are called bees, tuk-tuks and piaggio apes, which is the official name. Regardless of the name, the small cars are called to gather on Ærø every year in the form of the Tuk-tuk rally.

The event has broken attendance records every year since it started in 2010, with participants coming from all over Europe.

For many of the participants, the event has become a tradition where they meet new and old friends and show off their latest ideas. And there are plenty of ideas, no two bees are the same! You'll find small trucks, mini camper vans and generally festive colours among the many tuk-tuks. The only limit is your imagination.