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The Viking Market by the Jelling Barrows

Experience the traditional Viking Market at the Jelling Mounds and embark on a journey back in time to the Viking Age. Feel an authentic atmosphere of excitement and authenticity that revives the days when the Vikings ruled.

Look forward to 2024, when the Viking Market at the Jelling Mounds will be held again. The new program is not yet fully finalized, but you can already look forward to:

  • Viking music by the Longhouse
  • Kongsgaard Horse Show
  • Bread baking for children
  • Thing assembly Saturday at 3 PM
  • Viking worship service Sunday at 9 AM

About the marked

The Viking Market at the Jelling Monuments is a vibrant heritage market with exciting workshops, stalls and equestrian shows. Try your skills as a blacksmith, baker, archer or Viking warrior, watch the Viking assembly (called a Thing) where the disputes are dealt with. And take a tour of town in a horse-drawn carriage.

The Viking Market in Jelling, which is held every year on weekends in week 27, has become a popular crowd-pleaser not least due to the venue being the Viking Age Jelling Monuments, which enjoy UNESCO World Heritage patronage. Here you will find the oldest inscription that mentions the nation of Denmark, here King Gorm the Old was laid to rest, and here King Harald Bluetooth introduced Christianity in Denmark.

The Viking Market in Jelling features all the elements of the ancient markets – from crafts and trade to equestrian shows with real Viking horses and battling Viking warriors. In addition, there are Viking themed services at Jelling Church where the congregation is naturally dressed in period costumes. In the Viking Long-house you can enjoy food and beverages.

The heritage market takes place on the lawn between the Jelling Monuments (the Jelling Church, the Jelling Barrows and the Jelling Rune Stones) and the magnificent experience centre, Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Vikings.