Plenty of room off the beaten path in Rømø

We're asking our followers and fans to share their experiences to overlooked regions and sights in Denmark. This month, Jason Hort from the UK shows us around the island of Rømø.

According to Jason Hort, Denmark's charm lies in its variety of sights and experiences. The financial manager from the UK has visited Denmark about a dozen times over the years.

"Each time I visit I try to find something different, a different corner, a different perspective, a different Danish adventure."


A different corner of Denmark

In Summer 2015, he hopped on a plane from London (pop. about 8.6 million) and found himself on the island of Rømø (population about 650) the same afternoon.

After a friendly taxi driver helped him hire a bicycle, Jason went off to do what he enjoys most: explore.

He biked north, stopping at the island's fire station, "cute enough to be a toy museum." Next stop: Rømø's church – "bright white and oozing with history" – where he found the decorative Commander Stones lined up along the church's perimeter wall.

Other highlights included the school at Toftum (Denmark's oldest and smallest) and the 18th century Kommandørgården, which was once the home of a whaling captain.

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Off the beaten path

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Facts about Rømø
  1. Every September, the island holds a kite festival which draws enthusiasts from all over the world. 
  2. Don't miss the Black Sun (Sort Sol) during the autumn and spring when flocks of swallows form dazzling patterns in the sky. 
  3. Watch out for the shifting tidal waters - they come in fast, and many visitors get stranded and have to be rescued. 

Traveller of the Month: Jason Hort, @serialtourist

Meet instagrammer Jason Hort, a true fan of Denmark who seeks out new "Danish adventures" each time he visits Denmark. 

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