Responsible Thinking

Let a responsible mindset be a natural part of your meeting. It is a bonus for the environment, your participants and your budget! Brain Food and physical activity is a must in meetings. The same applies for recycling. Responsible thinking not only sends a positive message, it also helps to stimulate the energy of your meeting participants.

It is very important for us to act responsibly in everything we do. This is mainly related to the following responsibilities: 

1. Responsibility for the world in which we operate
2. Responsibility for meeting participants' well-being.

We are, for example, responsible for serving brain food at meetings, preferably locally sourced and organic. We must consider recycling, optimization and the sharing economy in order to plan sustainable meetings. 

Additionally, this also means that each participant should feel comfortable and motivated, both physically and mentally. Therefore, we encourage the participants to move throughout the day, serve food, provide natural energy rather than fatigue, provide rooms with ventilation and many other other things.

Below are a number of useful and specific guidelines on how sustainability can be incorporated at meetings, ideas for places to go and things to do to drive responsible thinking for your next event.

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