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Ringkøbing city is an idyllic royal borough from the 14th century with charming, narrow streets, beautiful old town houses and merchant's houses that all together tell captivating stories from the past. You can experience the exciting exhibition at Ringkøbing Museum and visit the homely museum shop with retro articles and French land style. Entry to the shop is free. You can also visit www.gavermedhistorie.dk

Town exhibition - The small capital of west Jutland
You can experience the old royal borough described in paintings from around the 18th century at Ringkøbing Museum. See the fine enlargement by the local artist Jesper Maler, where all the details from the townscape emerge. You can experience this exhibition at the old judge office which also is a part of Ringkøbing Museum. The town exhibition is a fantastic take off to a city walk in the streets - because many of the houses are still here.     

Bunker trips to Houvig-
Visit the fortress from the Second World War, see the bunker inside, feel the wind and hear the story. Ringkøbing Museum arranger guided trips to the bunker at Søndervig all year. Meeting place: Houvig Strand P-place.

Read more about Ringkøbing Museum at www.levendehistorie.dk

Herningvej 4

6950 Ringkøbing



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