SDMK - Danish National Academy of Music

The Academy of Music in Esbjerg's
 new home in the converted Old Electricity Works from 1907 is an impressive example of cultural innovation in former industrial structures.

Esbjerg's former power station has been converted into a modern academy of music, and out of the former turbine hall a unique concert hall has emerged.

In Café Ørsted - where everyone is welcome - there is a small stage. Outside the café a high-tech sculpture can be seen that incorporates light, water and sound. Loudspeakers are placed below ground level and built into the walls, which makes it possible to listen to the sculpture's own ever-changing music or to concerts directly from the concert hall.

A guided tour of the building can be arranged. DKK 25 per person.

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Kirkegade 61
6700 Esbjerg


+45 63119900



Longitude : 8.450794
Latitude : 55.470239