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Service & Co. provides guide services in Aarhus. If you are interested in a conducted tour in or around Aarhus, then contact Service & Co., who organise conducted tours for private parties, clubs, associations, and companies. There are all sorts of exciting stories to tell about Aarhus, no matter whether you are interested in architecture, history, art, or the modern city of Aarhus. Service & Co. will be happy to assist you with organising a tour for you – on foot, on bicycle, or by bus.

Guided tours

Service & Co. has a large staff of highly trained guides who can add a whole new dimension to your tour in and around Aarhus. There are numerous possibilities, and the professional guides are eager to pass on their deep knowledge of Aarhus, of the city itself, the opportunities available, the qualities and history of the city, as well as of the area surrounding Aarhus.

Guided bicycle tours

Service & Co. also arrange guided bicycle tours and other related events. A guided bicycle tour could be at the new and interesting Aarhus Ø area near the harbour. Contact Service & Co. for more info about these tours.

City walks and much, much more

Naturally, Service &Co. also provide conducted city walks, conducted tours of the City Hall, the city’s museums, and around the harbour. They are also happy to organise entertaining, special and unconventional events as well as taking care of reservations and the booking of busses and restaurants, language assistance in connection with business visits, transfer assistance from the airports to Aarhus and guide service at the airports, aids to escort in connetions with visits from abroad and lectures.

Conducted tours are also available in a wide range of languages, including Danish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Norwegian.

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