Which Viking are you?

So you want to explore Viking history in Denmark? There is the whole range of experiences to choose from, whether you like to delve into special exhibitions, live like a Viking for a day in an outdoor museum or go hiking among burial grounds and ancient monuments.

There's a little bit of Viking in all of us. Young and old, we all share a fascination with the Vikings, their history and their way of life. So whether you want to try your hand at Viking life or immerse yourself in Viking history and culture, Denmark offers it all.

Viking play

Viking fun for the whole family

Vikings are fun for all ages. Kids will love having a go at being a Viking for a day. Across Denmark there are outdoor museums, reconstructed Viking villages and a wealth of Viking activities such as markets and re-enactments. Eat like a Viking, dress like a Viking and have a go at fighting like a Viking. Find out where you can become a family of Vikings! 

Viking Ship Museum Roskilde

History and culture, myths and facts

Open your mind to Viking history. Learn about the Viking culture, their religion and practices, their world view and society. Discover the countless artefacts and monuments uncovered across Denmark and gain a new insight into the facts behind the mythical people. Get cultural and follow the trail of the real Vikings! 

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Come to The Kingdom of The Vikings

Set sail and explore Viking Denmark. Live the history at Viking markets, festivals, and Viking battles. Plan your Viking odyssey here.