Speed networking

The purpose is to ‘break the ice’, meet each other and create networks. The exercise is particularly good in the beginning of a workshop in order to make people talk and present themselves to each other.

The purpose of the exercise is also to make participants inspire each other, share knowledge and give input and reflect over the topic of the day.


Participants sit in groups of two. Each group has to ‘speed-network’ for two minutes: They have to tell each other about themselves and their experiences on the basis of certain topics or questions that are decided and presented in advance.
When the two minutes have passed, participants choose a new partner, and then the speed-networking starts over.

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10-30 minutes


A loud sound to signal when the two minutes have passed (e.g. a bell, alarm from phone)
and a number of good conversation topics (if possible, relevant to the topic of the meeting) that participants can talk with each other about.

Tips & tricks

You can also construct the exercise so that participants stand two by two, still facing each other, but this time in the form of a large circle.

Let participants change partner by having the ‘inner circle’ take one step to the right each time two minutes have passed. 

This works particularly well outdoors.