Stand up and sing!

Sing together!


To achieve a relaxed, festive and unrestrained atmosphere among all participants.

Sing along!

To sing is not a relic of primary schools, community buildings or churches. Singing is actually relevant and good, because it is healthy: When people sing, they breath deeper and slower. The deep, slow and calm breathing provides more oxygen to the brain and affects cardiac activity positively. Additionally, participants will begin to breathe in a similar pace and their hearts will begin to beat concurrently. Singing connects people socially and creates an invisible link - making participants move from an I-perspective to an Us-perspective.

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Approx. 30 minutes

Ideal group size

There are no limitations to the group size


Lyrics (such as a projector) and one who sings. The song should be one with a good pace.

Tips & tricks

When Steve Ballmer from Microsoft gives the full throttle on stage during a celebration, it may work very well for him, but his participants - or audience - remain seated in chairs of a physical framework that does not provide a lot of space for loosening up.

It does not have to be this way. Check out Steve Ballmer here