Strangas Dessert Boutique

"Sugar is something we eat because it tastes nice"
Imagine a place clean and neat; Nordic simplicity with long-stemmed lilies on the counter. Soft sofa pillows in the big bay windows, enticing you to kick back and enjoy. Shelves of delicately cellophaned sweets and pastels, each whispering softly: "Pick me, pick me ..!".
If one were to imagine such a place... One might mistake it for any other place.
Make. No. Mistake.

Sweet music on Danish soil
Nikolaous Strangas is a man with a sweet mission! A short decade ago, he was headhunted to provide his sweet talents in the launching the Hilton hotel in Copenhagen. After which he would be on the road again.
Sweet music held Strangas on Danish soil, where he spent the next decade providing Copenhageners with gustatory pleasure: As pastry chef at michelin restaurant Era Ora, creator of Dessert of Year 2011 dessert, and owner of the delicious "Conditori & Cakeaway" on Åboulevard. Sweet music on Copenhagen soil.

Organic cream, organic sugar, organic fruit
Sheltered from the cold we ordered some cubic pink chocolate-berry-nut construction, a small globe of panna cotta (…..!!) and a billion of Strangas’ macaroons. Two cups of well-made cappuccino brewed on Estate Coffee and a small cup of warm Valrhona chocolate. Sugar, cream, cocoa, cream, caffeine and sugar.

Strangas' attitude towards desserts flew over the counter as he served us our panna cotta: "What in here isn’t healthy? It has organic cream in it, organic cane sugar, organic nuts, organic fruits. Tell me: What is not healthy?". Then he smiled his Strangas smile and stated with professional poise that I had most likely never tasted real panna cotta.
Densely, I replied that of course I had.

Bottomline - in so many words: These are out-and-out the most luscious cakes I've ever had.

<i>By Julia Fearrington</i>

Opening hours

01/01/2012 - 31/12/2020 Wednesday - Friday 07:00 - 17:30
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2020 Saturday, Sunday 08:00 - 16:00

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