Danish Chef Thorsten Schmidt of restaurant Kählers in Tivoli

Take 5: Thorsten Schmidt, Headchef of newcomer 'Kähler in Tivoli' on the New Nordic Cuisine

VisitDenmark had a word with Headchef Thorsten Schmidt of restaurant Kählers at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen to learn more about the new venue's unique food and design concept and to get Thorsten's thoughts on the New Nordic Cuisine.
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VisitDenmark: Thorsten, how and when did your passion for food begin?

Thorsten: Already as a 14-year old, I loved cooking for my school mates. It was the sense of connectedness in meeting up, dining and experiencing the food together that I thoroughly enjoyed and still do!

VisitDenmark: What to you is the key essence of the 'New Nordic Cuisine'?

Thorsten: Its uniqueness lies in the passion for the regional cuisine and for using local produce. The source of pleasure that stems from the good taste and smell of local, fresh ingredients and their dependence on the region's climate – the elements – are all key factors that create this 'real' Nordic taste that we all love; in the fjord shrimps, asparagus and new potatoes, mushrooms, raw fruit, fresh seafood, game/venison, etc.

VisitDenmark: What are the thoughts behind the launch of restaurant Kähler in Tivoli in Copenhagen this July?


Thorsten: That good food is not only for a select few, and that we should all remember to pause for a moment sometimes and allow ourselves to enjoy life! At Kählers focus is on the pleasure of tasting the delights of our regional Danish cuisine served on the best of Danish artistic ceramic heritage, produced by Kähler Ceramics in Denmark.

VisitDenmark: Which kind of food and design concept should visitors to Tivoli Gardens expect to meet at Kähler in Tivoli?

Thorsten: A simple, regional cuisine based on the season's local produce. At lunchtime focus is on a modern interpretation of the legendary Danish open sandwiches (Smørrebrød) and crisp salads with ingredients originating from across the country; salty fish and fresh rapeseed oil from Bornholm, air-dried ham from the small island of Fanø with hay cheese and much more.. All dishes have fun, local names such as Wild Winds from the West or Kählers' Kærlighed (love). The set evening menu is also based on local signature dishes and local ingredients are available at during a given season.

VisitDenmark: What is your favourite Danish dish?

Thorsten: Any kind of food made with a good portion of love!

VisitDenmark: If you could share one signature dish from the new restaurant - or your favourite Danish dish - with our readers, what would it be?

Thorsten: Any kind of food made with a good portion of love!



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Kähler in Tivoli

Restaurant Kähler in Tivoli opened on July 1st 2013.

The venue has a capacity of up to 300 persons and 1200 seatings per day.

Kählers Ceramics - made in Denmark

As with the three other Kählers restaurants located in Aarhus, Jutland; Kählers Spisesalon, Kählers Coffee Salon and the Villa Dining at Kählers and Malling & Schmidts, it is possible to purchase the beautiful Danish ceramics that Thorsten's excellent Nordic cuisine is served on at Kähler in Tivoli.

Kählers Ceramics - made in Denmark