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The team from America By Design pose in front of the coloured houses of Nyhavn in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark

America by Design in Denmark

A lady running at the rooftop playground Konditaget Lüders in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Explore 'Denmark by Design'

Danish designers and architects are unique in the way they find playful, functional solutions making everyday life better - as the America by Design team discovered. Maybe it’s because we’re all brought up playing with LEGO bricks? Or maybe it’s because of the inherent Danish ‘why not?’ attitude?

Whatever it is, Danes certainly know how to have fun with design and take the playful creations to the next level.

This summer, tag along as the team from ‘America by Design’ venture across the pond to learn what makes Danish design so unique. We've got all the key sights here if you want to take a design-led trip of your own.

America by Design meets Denmark

Take a tour of the hot spots presenter and design aficionado Ilene Shawin visited in the America by Design TV show right here. 

LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, seen from above
Photo: LEGO® House

LEGO House

A building made from LEGO® bricks. That must have been the vision for the starchitect Bjarke Ingels and his team when creating this colorful headquarter of play down the road from the original LEGOLAND®. With 25 million LEGO® bricks, it's a must-visit for playful creators of all ages. 

The Bicycle Snake in Copenhagen
Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen, Copenhagen Media Center

The Bicycle Snake

We all know that Danes love biking: maybe that’s the reason for the creative takes on bike lanes in Copenhagen? This curved bike highway and the connected bridge, Bryggebroen, is the easiest, most fun and most scenic way of getting across the harbor between Kalvebod Brygge and Islands Brygge. 

Sandkaj Harbor Bath in Nordhavn in Copenhagen
Photo: Giuseppe Liverino, Copenhagen Media Center

The Sandkaj Harbor Bath

With water this clean, no wonder the locals like jumping in! The Sandkaj harbor bath in upcoming area Nordhavn is one of the newest additions to the Copenhagen swimming zone. And it's easy to reach with the Nordhavn Metro Line that opened last year. 

Fredericia Furniture design shop and showroom in Copenhagen
Photo: Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture Showroom

A browse through the Copenhagen design shops and showrooms may be the best way of soaking up some Scandi-cool inspiration to bring back home. Make sure to visit the Fredericia Furniture showroom in the center of Copenhagen for a dive in to the Danish design legacy as well as amazing views of The Round Tower

A lady running at the rooftop playground Konditaget Lüders in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Konditaget Lüders

Fitness centers are not exactly known as the most inspiring of places, but maybe the way to change that is  to move them outside, paint them red and put them on top of a parking garage with panoramic harbor views? That is just what you’ll find if you visit the Konditaget Lüders. The hybrid structure designed by JAJA Architects is also a phenomenal playground. 


You want even more playful design? Why not...

Walk the rainbow in Aarhus
Your rainbow panorama, 2011, Olafur Eliasson ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum Photo Anders Trærup, Aarhus media center
Ski down a power-plant in Copenhagen
Sail through a restaurant in Vejle
Restaurant Lyst at Fjordenhus, Vejle in Denmark
Walk in circles at the new spiral tower in the Wadden Sea National Park
Marsh Tower, Wadden Sea