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Camp Møns Klint Cow Yoga

5 unique ways to do yoga in Denmark

Photo: Ole Eskling/Camp Møns Klint

In times where a bit of extra rest and relaxation may be needed, many turn to yoga. And yes, you can do yoga in Denmark too. Along with classic studio classes, we take yoga to the next level by adding waves, cows and beer. Here’s how to find your zen, the Danish way.

Kellner zapft Bier im Nørrebro Bryghus
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Beer yoga at Nørrebro Bryghus

Denmark has a long and proud brewery tradition and you will find that many of the Danish holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, involve an element of beer. In the Copenhagen brewery Nørrebro Bryghus, they have taken this to another level by bringing beer to the yoga class. Anyone can join in on this beginner’s level class – no matter if you are more used to the beer drinking or the yoga. While drinking beer before class would sure make for an extra challenge in the balance poses, it mostly takes place after class. 

The outside of Absalon, a community centre in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Mellanie Gandøe - Copenhagen Media Center

Community yoga in a church

Samfundssind, or community spirit, is another cornerstone of Danish culture, just like beer. Absalon, a former church in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Vesterbro, is all about community, and pairs the concept with yoga effortlessly. Here, you can join in on a wide array of yoga classes every week, from classics like vinyasa or hatha to the creative groups like Oldies but Goldies - Yoga for seniors or Stiff as a Board Yoga for those who maybe want to steer clear of the most challenging possess. You don’t need to book in advance - just buy a ticket in the bar.

Camp Møns Klint Cow Yoga
Photo: Ole Eskling/Camp Møns Klint

Cow yoga by the Møn Cliffs

You might have heard of goat yoga. In Denmark we’ve gone one step further: in the fields by the manor house Klintholm Gods, you can join in on a yoga class with the locals. More specifically, the local Hereford cows who roam freely. According to the organisers, the presence of the cows completes the yoga experience and creates an experience of total connection between human and nature. The area is UNESCO certified, and a hike along to the nearby white cliffs of Møn is a great addition to your workout – though there’s no guarantee your new bovine friends will come along too.


Beach yoga in North Jutland

There is something very zen about doing yoga in nature, and they know that well in North Jutland. In the warmer months, you can join in on weekly classes on the beaches in Sæby, Frederikshavn or Skagen, near the northernmost tip of Denmark. This is the place to be if you prefer a fresh breeze on your face, sand beneath your toes and the calming sound of the rolling waves. And since you are already on the beach, it is the perfect opportunity for a post-savasana dip in the ocean.

Two women do yoga balancing on a paddleboard in the Øresund Strait, near Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Kayakhotellet

SUP yoga in the Øresund

This one’s for the experts with a really good sense of balance. If regular yoga is just not challenging enough for you, head to the Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen and test your balance in SUP yoga: yoga on a stand up paddle board. Each class begins with a short introduction to SUP, and then you paddle away in to the Øresund for a workout surrounded by nature. This time, there’s a good incentive to stay balanced and centred – if you don’t, you’ll be headed for a soaking.

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