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Manors, please! When recommending visits to castles and manor houses in Denmark, you will send your clients time-travelling through history. And what a history! Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world with castles and fortresses that were built both for splendour and for defence. They also served to support the artists of Denmark by offering lodgings in return for entertainment. After all, how many countries can claim to have world-famous Shakespeare dramas written about their castles?

Amalienborg Castle

Powerful fortresses, romantic castles

In Copenhagen, Amalienborg Castle, the home of Queen Margrethe II and her family, is a must-see. The changing of the guards is a historic display, which takes place every day at noon. Clients visiting Copenhagen should also not miss out on the home of the Crown Jewels in the middle of the city; Rosenborg Castle is both whimsical and beautiful and worth a visit even for small princesses. Only an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen, you will find the UNESCO World Heritage site Kronborg Castle, the real star of the Hamlet drama. Hamlet’s castle is open year-round and is an exciting sight for the whole family. Another great sight, about an hour outside of Copenhagen, is the home of the museum of national history and an exciting renaissance castle – Frederiksborg Castle – Frederiksborg Slot. A visit to the castle takes you into a world of concerts, exhibitions, gardens, fountains and living, breathing, ornamented, gilded, beautiful history.

Egeskov Castle

Danish castles

All regions of Denmark have their own historical heritage sights to offer. Each castle tells a tale of the architecture of the time, the whims of the aristocracy and the wealth and originality of this small kingdom. Must-sees are the water castle of Egeskov on Funen, which is best accessible by car. As well as Koldinghus in Jutland, which is accessible by train and car and not far from the airport of Billund.


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Castles and manor houses

Apart from the history and the architecture, many castles offer art exhibitions, concerts and even theatre productions. Some are still in use by the Danish Royal Family, but even then guided tours are often available and signage in English is the rule rather than the exception. Furthermore, many castles and manor houses offer unique accommodation in their historical surroundings. We are talking full immersion into real history.


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Immerse yourself in Denmark's history

Denmark is steeped in a rich history, just waiting to be discovered. Get ready to explore Denmark's history with us!

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