Get down and local with the Danes

Let your clients leave their stress behind and take a crash course in cultural cosiness the Danish way. The Danes have regularly been voted "The World's happiest people".

Social cohesion, a strong community spirit and high standards of living make this small, Nordic nation by the sea a uniquely intimate, relaxing and safe place to visit. The Danes value their daily life to the fullest – from spending quality time with friends and family and celebrating local traditions to taking part in public gatherings, and preserving the great Danish tradition of cycling – a true cultural trademark. 

Family hygge

Danish "Hygge"

The Danes are world champions when it comes to ”hygge” – the Danish term for creating cosy gatherings and intimate get-togethers – and the many local markets and festivals offer visitors a change to experience this cosiness up close. In December, for example, plan a visit for your clients to one of the traditional Christmas markets such as Tivoli. Any visitor who has enjoyed a hot cup of ”gløgg” (red wine with spices, schnapps, almonds and raisins) will feel the warm, fuzzy glow inside that makes them appreciate Danish ‘hygge’ to the fullest.


Outdoor activities

No matter the time of year, Danes value spending long hours outside. Your active clients will find that there are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in for all ages. They can go strawberry picking in the countryside, treasure hunt for amber on the coast of Jutland, let the kids play in one of the many fun playgrounds or take a dip in the local harbour baths. If you’re looking for fun transportation for your clients, go for bike rentals or propose that they grab one of the city bikes they’ll find everywhere in the larger cities.

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Did you know...

The high season of hygge is Christmas

Every year, on the first Friday in November many Danes celebrate J-Day. A day where Tuborg releases its new Christmas beer called 'Julebryg' in Danish

You can make your own Danish Schnapps

Amber is called “Denmark's Gold” and consists of 30–50 million year-old fir tree resin