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Living Danish history

In Denmark, history comes to life right before your eyes – and it’s easy and fun to take part as it unfolds. Let your clients visit some of the world’s biggest and oldest open-air museums in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Let them learn what it was like to be a true Viking from the many Viking museums or send them off to feel the presence of ancient history in medieval towns in the provinces of the country.

With a thousand years of royal history, Denmark is home to castles, palaces, churches and remarkable Viking monuments, inviting visitors to experience the greatness of ancient times.

Amalienborg Castle

Diamonds are forever

With help from our Travel Trade inspirational itineraries, you can easily plan a royal tour of Copenhagen. Let your clients feast their eyes on the crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle before going on a guided tour of Amalienborg Castle to see the changing of the guards every day at noon. If they are lucky, visitors might even get a glimpse of the Danish crown prince couple and their four children, cycling through the streets of Copenhagen on iconic Christiania Bikes.

Not far from Copenhagen, in Elsinore, Kronborg Castle – also known as “Hamlet’s castle” – is one of Northern Europe’s most important Renaissance castles. Kronborg Castle is also a magnificent UNESCO world heritage site.


Castles and manor houses

Who wouldn’t want to prance like a princess or make it like a monarch by exploring one of Denmark’s many impressive castles and manor houses? Indulge your clients’ fantasies of the high life with some unique insights into the contemporary lives of the Danish royal family. For instance, plan a visit to Kokkedal Castle just north of Copenhagen, Hindsgavl Castle on Funen and Liselund New Castle on Moen, or book a weekend at Kragerup Manor on Zealand or Store Restrup Manor close to Nibe in Jutland.

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"Living danish history" - Travel Trade kit
5 things you should experience

1. Visit Roskilde and experience both Vikings and Roskilde Cathedral

2. See the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace

3. Visit Hammershus on the island of Bornholm

4. Try a sailing trip on a Viking ship

5. Visit Moesgaard museum in Aarhus

Did you know...

You can experience life as a true Viking in Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe

You can live like kings and queens in Denmark’s many castles and manor houses

Denmark has one of the most modern royal families in the world

The Crown Prince couple takes their children to school in a Christiania bike

Immerse yourself in Denmark's history

Denmark is steeped in a rich history, just waiting to be discovered. Get ready to explore Denmark's history with us!

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