Singing Trees at the AKKC in Aalborg

The trees are singing(!) at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre in north Jutland

As the only place in the world, the Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre (AKKC) in North Jutland has launched a unique 'Park of Music'...
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As the only place in the world Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre (AKKC) in Aalborg now proudly presents a unique 'Park of Music' with singing trees to its visitors! The park has become a huge success and a tourist attraction in itself, whilst at the same time giving something back to the community too. Originally, the CEO of the AKKC, Ernst Trillingsgaard, wanted to create something like a 'Walk of Fame' at the AKKC – it had to be something fun, sustainable and long lasting. And since the AKKC is located in the beautiful green spot Kildeparken in downtown Aalborg, Trillingsgaard came up with the very unusual idea that artists performing at the venue, should plant a tree in the park when visiting.

As a result, international and local artists have left living reminders of their visits by planting a tree in Kildeparken since 1987 when Sir Cliff Richard planted the first tree before giving a concert at the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre. Initially, Trillingaard's plan was to plant some 25 trees in the Park of Music, but by now prominent performers of the AKKC have swung the spade 76 times. Hence, recurring artists can stop by their tree whenever in the city – just as the AKKC's many congress delegates and the locals do - to listen to a selection of their own tunes! And how do they do this? - Next to each tree planted is a music stand containing a small medley of the artist's most famous tunes, which visitors to the park can activate by pressing a single button! Among the 76 stars represented in the Park of Music – of which 46 have music stands too - are: Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Guns N'Roses, John Cleese, Bob Dylan, Kylie Minoque, Prince, Ray Charles, Sting and James Blunt. 

To date the Park of Music has played music pieces 451,400 times. Check out Sir Cliff Richard at the Park of Music in Aalborg right here

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- The AKKC operates with in-house Meetovators.

- The region of North Jutland has just educated another 16 professional Meetovators located at numerous meeting venues in the area.