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The exercises provide good energy and a ‘YES’-feeling. They teach you the importance of good communication, flow, transfer of information and cooperation. Participants learn to strengthen communication and cooperation in their teams by using efficient tools and exercises.

Tower and Power: An exercise bringing efficiency to new heights

In groups you must build the highest tower possible, using wooden blocks and rope. Focus is on communication, cooperation and reaching new goals. The exercise can be executed in different ways and can contribute to learning about the dynamics of efficient team work, as everyone is included in the exercise. With Tower of Power everyone has an opportunity to contribute by considering how we can communicate efficiently and how we achieve the goal successfully.

Pipeline: An exercise in flow - communication and cooperation

As a group, you have to make a ball roll (e.g. a tennisball) through plastic gutters towards a specific target.  Transmission of information is crucial when several people have to work together in order to accomplish a task. Pipeline reflects flow in organisations and teams, and it is an obvious tool to test Lean in practice.

Key to these exercises is cooperation and even the best team is going to sweat during these classic exercise. Participants learn that the task can only be solved with carefully coordinated cooperation. Will the team be able to make it in time and understand the overall objective of the exercises?

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Ideal size of group

Appropriate for 6–200 participants with max 12 persons per team


Every exercise har a duration of approx. 30 min. and a combined duration of 1.5-2 hours, this can be adjusted.


The exercises and materials have been developed by Hotel Trinity - Please contract them for further information. 

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