Vennelygaard was originally built in 1824 as a farm with four wings with thatched roofs. It had approximately 40890 acres of land (in Danish: 30 tønder land). In 1930 16 tønder land was sold, so today it has approx. 14 tønder land including three moors.
In 1932 the farm burned down due to childen’s play with fire. It was rebuilt, with three wings instead of four. The production of the farm with additional work like collecting milk from other farms in the area and bringing it to the local dairy and also delivering peat cuttings sustained a family of two grown-ups and five children. The farm had cattle, pigs, horses and chickens.

Today the farm has no animals, apart from horses on the adjoining pastures. The stables have been renovated during the latest years, including the flat on the 1. floor that has been totally renovated. Today they are top grade isolated apartmentd. On the ground floor the floors are tile clinkers with buitlt-in heating, walls and ceilings waterscrubbed. On the 1.floor there are wooden beams and light as in a atelier with excellent views. The wooden floors have been washed down with lye and the whole building have the most modern installations.
 The main house of the farm has not yet been renovated, but plans are being made for that also, will probably happen within some years.

Prices 1/9-31/5:
Apartment 1: DKK 500 night/DKK 2.800 week
Apartment 2: DKK 1.100 night/DKK 5.600 week

Prices 1/6-31/8:
Apartment 1: DKK 550 night/DKK 3.080 week
Apartment 2: DKK 1.100 night/DKK 6.160 week

Opening hours

01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014 Monday - Sunday

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Undinevej 22
3660 Stenløse


+45 61264501


  • Capacity

    • Capacity: Beds (8)
  • Facilities

    • Private bath



Longitude : 12.279443
Latitude : 55.813354