What is Meetovation?

Meetovation is a meeting concept for those who want real value for money when investing in a meeting. We will help you organize meetings, for which the value is clear and the ROI high.

Simply put, we aim to put an end to boring meetings that do not motivate or change participants. Your meeting has to provide valuable experiences. Participants should go home thinking ‘that is of use to me!’. Only then will your meeting create real value.

Denmark and Meetovation guarantees good meetings

In Meetovation we think differently about meeting design than in other countries. We design meetings in a way that ensures a high return on investment.

We work based on the principle that we need to get to know you. If we do so, we can help you create a meeting that lives up to your goals and your expectations.

If your aim, for example, is to have a brainstorming meeting, it is not enough to simply have a beautiful meeting room. You will need bulletin boards or flip overs. Or if you need to concentrate and work hard on complex issues after lunch, you should not have a heavy chocolate cake served during lunch. You need food that provides you with a stable level of blood sugar. 

It may sound simple. Nonetheless, meeting designers rarely think about these things. Therefore, we do.

Moreover, in addition to the examples above, there are several other factors that are important in order to create in a good meeting.

The most important elements in Meetovation

Our work is based on the following 5 key concepts:
- Consulting
- Co-ownership
- Relevance
- Knowledge sharing

You can read more about the key concepts in our Meetovation manifesto.

Behind Meetovation

Meetovation is the result of years of work. The concept was started by a group of visionary leaders in 2002, who wanted to create better meetings. They created ‘The Meeting Concept of the Future’ and involved the hotel industry, as well as professors and experts, in a yearlong process of brainstorming and research on meetings of the future.

This was long before Meetovation became a known name and concept. Now we have fine-tuned the concept and Meetovation has never been better than it is today. You can read the whole story about how Meetovation was created here.

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The elements of Meetovation

The Meetovation initiative dates back to 2002, so the concept has been around for some years.

Despite having undergone various updates and modernizing changes, Meetovation still holds on tightly to the essence of the concept, which is to create more profitable meetings for all parties involved. The measures in focus are basically the same, and the overall aim is still to maximise the return of the meeting - ROI on the meeting.


The ideas behind Meetovation are not taken from thin air, but are deeply rooted in the world of science.

If you are interested in knowing more about the ideas and theories behind Meetovation, click here to read more.

The Danish Meeting Industry Stands Together

In Denmark we hold meetings a bit different, and a bit better! With Meetovation 3.0, the Danish Meeting Industry has joined forces in order to create good and fruitful meetings. A Meetovation Manifesto has been developed and this describes the promises to the client, under which meeting designers are to operate.

A promise is a promise!

Danish certified Meetovators

The Danish Meetings Industry is filled with great partners that have trained to become certified Meetovators. They are sure to be able to help you plan a MINDblowing meeting with high Return on Investment using Meetovation. See the list of Danish certified Meetovators here