Why Return on Investment?

ROI - or return on investment - is the value returned to you after you have invested time and money in something.

What is ROI?

If you invest in a meeting for instance, it is only natural to expect that this meeting brings about value. It is after all not for no reason that you spend time on planning a meeting. You can find out to what extent the meeting has generated value by measuring the meeting’s ROI.

You cannot just feel whether a meeting has been worth the investment. You need to be able to measure it.

Why is it important to measure the ROI of your meeting?

By measuring the ROI you can see clearly whether your meeting has been a success or not and, thus, whether the resources you spent on the meeting were worth it.

Basic methods of measuring ROI

There are a range of different methods available for measuring ROI. 

In Meetovation, we work on the basis of the methods proposed in the ROI Methodology by Elling Hamsø. Read more about this methodology here.

First of all, you need to define clear goals for your meeting.

Naturally, if you do not start by outlining goals, there is nothing to measure after the meeting.

Consider the 5 following points and decide on some goals within each point:

  • Overall objective: What do you want to achieve from the meeting, from a long term perspective? Sales? Higher efficiency in the workplace? Knowledge of a new IT-system?

  • Behaviour: If the goals are to be achieved, what kind of behavior is it it required that participants exhibit after the meeting?

  • Learning: What is it necessary that the participants learn from the meeting, if their behaviour is to change in the future?

  • Frames/environment: How do you create a meeting environment that motivates and encourages participants to learn?

  • Target group/audience: How do we ensure that it is the right target group that attends the meeting?

Meetovation helps you achieve ROI

How you achieve both value, ROI, and how you measure the ROI, is a scientific question. Fortunately, this is what Meetovation is here to help you with.

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The Theory of ROI

If you are interested in learning more about ROI, you can find more information here.

Furthermore, The ROI Institute's webpage can provide you with a wealth of tools that can guide you in how to set clear goals and evaluate their success.

Methods to measure ROI

Measuring the ROI of meetings is not always easy.

Therefore, we have collected and gathered various tools to help you measure the exact return of your meeting.

Click here to see more methods and tools developed for estimating the ROI of your meeting. 

The building blocks of Meetovation

Meetovation dates back to 2002, so the initiative has been around for a few years.

The primary focus of Meetovation, has, however, remained unchanged, namely the return of the meeting - the ROI.

If you want to read more about the history of Meetovation, you can read it by clicking here.

The ROI theory

If you are interested in learning more about ROI, then read Elling Hamsøs' thorough white paper "The ROI Methodology".

On The ROI Institute's website you can find additional tools to help you set clear goals and evaluate them.