Holiday islands: Samsø and Anholt

Visit two very unique holiday islands, Samsø (Samsoe) and Anholt in the Kattegat - the stretch of water between Jutland and Zealand and north of Funen (Fyn). See Denmark's so-called desert on Anholt, or the dramatic effects of glaciation on Samsø.

Samsø (Samsoe)

Ever heard of Samsø potatoes? The Kattegat island of Samsø (Samsoe) is green and fertile, and well-known for its fruit and vegetables, particularly its famous potatoes. It has a friendly local feel and you can often pick up produce at roadside stalls. In recent years, it’s also developed a reputation as a sustainable community, with widespread use of renewable energy. So head to Samsø for a truly green holiday.

You can visibly see the impressive legacy left by the last glaciation, on the hilly landscape of North Samsø. All along the coast, you’ll see beautiful beaches and impressive seal and sea bird colonies, especially at Besser Reef (Besser Rev). You’ll find Samsø’s compact interior, covered with cosy villages, is easy to explore by car or even by bike!


Anholt is one of Denmark’s most isolated islands, lying out in the middle of the Kattegat. You can reach Anholt by ferry from Grenaa. You’ll feel the isolation reflected in its landscape of open dunes and beaches. The inland area is known as “the desert” but is in fact a dramatically barren heathland.

Whether it is Denmark's only desert or not, you’ll feel completely free standing out on its wind-blown sands far out in the Kattegat Sea. You may also catch a glimpse of one of the largest seal colonies in Northern Europe, lying at a protected eastern point.

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Where are Samsø and Anholt?

How to get to Samsø and Anholt
Did you know...

In Denmark, islands are called øer, so a Danish word ending in Ø is an island!

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