Active Holiday

Active Holidays on Fyn

Fyn offers lots of options for fun and exercise in the great outdoors, on land and on water.

Gone fishing

Anglers head to Fyn for some of Europe's best coastal angling spots, particularly good for catching sea trout. You’ll find great locations for angling on both Fyn and the South Funen Archipelago.

On wheels and water

As a sea kayaker, you'll find Fyn is an exciting maze of places to explore. Sailors should head to the archipelago, where a wealth of excursions between the islands are waiting. Fyn's gentle, hilly landscape is perfect for cycling holiday and you can combine cycling with island hopping for a unique holiday on two wheels.


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Fyn: Han's Christian Andersen's Island Home

Spend a fairy-tale few days exploring Fyn, home of Hans Christian Andersen and an island covered in historical manor houses and castles.