South Fyn

The South Fyn Archipelago

A unique area of 55 islands in the Baltic and easily accessible from the islands of Fyn and Zealand, this archipelago is popular with yachtsmen, watersports enthusiasts and anyone looking for their own quiet stretch of sand.

Peace and quiet

The South Fyn Archipelago is often viewed as a whole island group, but the many islands within the archipelago are diverse and offer their own unique experiences. They do have a number of things in common, however, such as peaceful nature, cozy villages and quaint harbors.

Fairy-tale island of Ærø

With its picture-perfect old houses and cobbled streets, it's easy to see why visitors to the island of Ærø call it Denmark's fairy-tale island.


The Archipelago is very popular with yachtsmen who enjoy easy access to natural areas, the challenge of sailing in an archipelago and a good range of berths and harbors.  

Denmark's new artificial reef

In October 2014, the iconic M/F Ærøsund, Denmark's last train ferry, was scuttled in the South Fyn Archipelago, to create a new diving spot.

Getting there and away

You can reach the islands from Jutland and Fyn by small ferry boats. You can also find ferry information here.


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