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The best holiday moments in life are made with friends and loved ones and there's no better place to create life-long memories than a Danish holiday home. Scattered across the country and often found next to beautiful coastline, quiet forests or picturesque lakes, Denmark's holiday homes are a national passion. Read on to find inspiration for and help booking a summer home holiday in Denmark.

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A moment to relax

Come to Denmark and experience the country's laid-back culture from a holiday home base. Here, you'll find more about great places to go, the most popular things to see and more information on holiday homes in Denmark.

Danish holiday cottages

Where the Danes stay: Danish holiday cottages

From iconically Danish cottages off the beaten track to luxurious beach houses, Denmark has a house with a view just waiting to be lived in.

Living Home

White cliffs, long beaches, deep green forests... Denmark is a beautiful country. Easy to navigate and compact, it's also a fantastic family holiday destination. 

ARos, Aarhus

Denmark's top attractions

From modern art by the sea to the world's oldest theme park, explore Denmark's best-loved sights and attractions.

A moment to explore

You can book holiday homes throughout Denmark. They are a great starting point from which to explore Danish sights, nature, cuisine and culture. From your holiday home, it's easy to hop on a bike and take the family out into the heart of Denmark!

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