Rubjerg Knude

Natural experiences in North Jutland

North Jutland, Denmark's most dynamic natural area, offers many wonderful natural playgrounds to explore.

Where two seas meet

Stand in two different seas at Grenen, Denmark’s most northerly point or visit Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest shifting sand dune, which is slowly moving from west to the east. 

Coastal cliffs

At Rubjerg Knude and Bulbjerg on the West Coast, enormous cliffs rise from the sea. In the middle of the country, you’ll find the undulating landscape of Jyske Ås. Near Hanstholm you can wander in the unique dune heathland of Thy, Denmark's first national park. 

The Limfjord

North Jutland is traversed by the Limfjord with its many sounds, inlets and shallow enclosed waters. You can get to Limfjord's islands from the mainland by bridge and small ferry. 

Denmark's largest forest

South of Limfjord, the scenery is characterized by forest and heath, including Rold Forest (Rold Skov), Denmark’s largest forest, and the imposing Rebild Hills (Rebild Bakker). The limestone bedrock is close to the surface in the region and there are a number of quarries and mines in the area. Tingbæk Limestone Mines are now a museum which you can visit.

Roaming wild boar

Towards Kattegat, the protected area of The little Moor (Lille Vildmose) offers you beautiful nature, a rich bird life and the potential to spot wild boars roaming.



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The Stunning Seascapes of North Jutland

Walk in shifting sands and take in dramatic views of Denmark's most dynamic natural area, at the North Coast of Jutland.