North Sealand launches Transformative Meetings concept

Destination development company Royal North Sealand is ready to launch its new meeting concept 'Transformative Meetings’ to international meeting planners at IMEX 2012. 
Friday, May 4, 2012

These days, destination development company North Sealand is presenting its new meeting concept 'Transformative meetings' to the international meeting planners attending IMEX Frankfurt. In focus are the unique products and places that Royal North Sealand can offer to meeting and conference organisers worldwide. 

Søren Damstrup, Project Manager - Meetings & Events at destination development organisation North Sealand, comments: 
“IMEX is a unique opportunity to present our new meeting concept and receive immediate customer feed back. The idea behind 'Transformative meetings’ is that visions and decisions taken during meetings can be transformed into groundbreaking results. Often, company meetings are held in standard conference rooms with agendas that are more or less set and discussions structured. And so is the outcome. However, in other, unusual settings we are inspired to think in new and different ways. It is therefore our destination's ambition to inspire meeting planners to come visit North Sealand and take advantage of the philosophy behind the transformative meetings concept, when staging future meetings and conferences.” 

A meeting concept that transforms conventional visions into groundbreaking results 

Steen Bonde, Director of Hotel & Conference Center Konventum in North Sealand also backs the new concept. On the ambition to spread the ideas of the transformative meetings concept abroad, Bonde says: 
“If we as a destination aspire to gain international recognition, it is important that we can offer something different from other destinations. Here, the transformative meeting concept is crucial because it is a tool showcasing the uniqueness of North Sealand. For example, Konventum owns the largest private art collection in Denmark, and in such settings a meeting participant is given ample opportunities get inspired to think in new ways. At Konventum our consultants at the in-house "Center for Working & Learning" also teach particular learning styles, social capital, mindfulness and a variety of other vital “soft” topics, which we believe are key ingredients in staging innovative, creative and learning meetings. And on top, the meeting suppliers in North Sealand happily collaborate in order to create many exciting and innovative programmes for our guests and offer the highest return of meetings investment possible at any given business event.” 

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Your local contact to find out more about North Sealand or ‘Transformative meetings’ is:

Søren Damstrup
Project Manager
Meetings & Events
T: +45 41 78 67 74


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