Aarhus Food Festival 2015

Aarhus Food Festival: A 'Must' for Food Enthusiasts!

Prominent Danish and international chefs, producers and food enthusiasts gather once more to present their high quality, natural foods from across Scandinavia at the innovative Food Festival in Aarhus in early September.

10 days of arts, concerts, plays and exhibitions

Aarhus is renowned as a centre of art and culture, with plenty of events and happenings over the course of the year to add spice to any city break. A particular highlight of every summer season is the Aarhus Festival, which takes place for the 52nd time throughout the city for 10 days from 26 August 2016. Showcasing over 1,000 arts and entertainment events in more than 100 different venues, it is one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and includes concerts, plays, exhibitions and children’s activities.

Aarhus Food Festival

The last three days of the festival are given over to food with the annual Aarhus Food Festival. Prominent Danish and international chefs, producers and food enthusiasts gather together to present their high quality, natural foods from across Scandinavia and provide an opportunity for visitors to have a great taste of the new Nordic kitchen with a series of cookery masterclasses in the ‘food cinema’ throughout the weekend.

The biggest food related events in the Nordic countries

Food Festival takes place for the fifth time the 2nd – 4th of September and with a visitor number of 30,000 people, Food Festival is one of the biggest food related events in the Nordic countries. The festival is a sensuous event that focuses on the gastronomic, Nordic food culture where you can meet some of the most influential Nordic breeders, chefs and manufactures to a talk about food and your experiences with the Nordic cuisine. Visit Food Festival and seduce your taste buds with a multitude of Nordic food temptations.

Last year's programme included Timm Vladimir and cook-off between star chefs, Gorm Wisweh, foraging trips with River Cottage, battle between Denmark’s hotdog makers and star chefs at Hotdog DM 2015, shrimp feast with the sky as rooftop, workshops and food courses, gleaning for beer brewing, seaweed trips while wearing wellington boots, seal at the menu card, courses in sharpening of knives, debates about food waste and much more. Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons for looking forward to the 2016 version of Aarhus Food Festival.

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Important information

Location: Tangkrogen, Marselisborg, Havnevej 2
2. sep. kl. 13.00-20.00
3. sep. kl. 10.00-19.00
4. sep. kl. 10.00-17.00

Practical information

For more information go to www.foodfestival.dk

The area ’The Spread’ and its restaurants, bars and music, are open till 21.00 Friday and Saturday.

Tickets: Kr. 75-200, foodfestival.dk

Food Festival is arranged by...

Food Festival is arranged by the non-profit organisation Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD) in collaboration with Aarhus Festuge, Arla, Danish Crown, Erhvervs- og Vækstministeriet, Fødevareministeriet, Danmarks Fiskerihandlere, Team Gastronomi Danmark, Aarhus Kommune, Region Midtjylland, Landbrug og Fødevarer, AB Catering, FFI, Aarhus Universitet and many more.

Did you know...

Aarhus is to open up a permanent street food market similar to Copenhagen Street Food on Paper Island. The location is yet to be found, but the street food market will open in the Spring of 2016 with approximately 30 food stalls for hungry foodies.