Gastronomy South Jutland

Culinary specialties from South Jutland

A great region for a taste tour, whether you have a sweet tooth or a desire for something more meaty.

Meaty delicacies

Taste the delicacies of South Jutland beef and lamb, particularly delicate due to the salty air of the area’s grazing region.

World-heritage treats

For those with a sweet tooth, Christiansfeld is well-known not only for its beautifully-preserved 18th century character, but also for its exquisite cakes and gingerbread. Christiansfeld is currently set to become a World Heritage Site.

Pub grub

South Jutland is a great place to try old dishes in local inns and restaurants and the region is also known as an excellent producer of salami.

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South Jutland

You'll find the very south of Denmark to be one of our most historic regions. Head here to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea National Park.