West Jutland islands

Weather-beaten wildernesses and fantastic destinations for walking, water sports and birdwatching.


Located just off the coast from Esbjerg, Fanø is an old maritime island with a perfect landscape for beach activities such as kite flying and sailing. The area is also an excellent place to hunt for Danish amber that washed up on the beaches. You can also see a variety of wildlife on the island, such as wild rabbits and seal colonies. The architecture on the island is also extremely special and inspired by the Frisian style.


In the Limfjord lies Fur, a naturally beautiful island ready to be explored. See the large, fossil-rich diatomite cliffs on the north of the island, formed 55 million years ago. You can reach Fur by ferry from Branden.


Visit Venø, a small Limfjord island off the coast of Struer, with its varied nature and lovely swimming beaches. Take the ferry to Venø from Kleppen.

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