6 Reasons to choose Denmark for business events

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6 Reasons to choose Denmark for business events

6 Reasons to choose Denmark



Many reasons can be named on why to choose Denmark for your next meeting, conference or convention.

One thing that’s a given is that the “Meeting Must-haves” are in order. You can’t have a business event without top notch hotels, venues, service and of course transportation. In Denmark, you will not be missing out. Here you will find world class hotels, venues for small meetings or large conventions up to 20.000 people, the most service-minded people and award winning airports. Did we mention that it takes 13 minutes from Copenhagen Airport to the city center?

Once the framework is in place, make sure to spice up your event with all good things Danish. Explore Denmark’s liveable cities, the unique Danish culture filled with Vikings, monarchs and fairy-tale writers, and of course our active way of life.

One thing that truly sets Denmark apart is the Danish meeting design concept, Meetovation. Don’t waste precious time on meetings without getting the value, you need! The Meetovation concept asks the right questions and gives you the right tools to maximize your meeting outputs – all by applying a different approach to the meeting set-up.

Looking to tap into Denmark’s knowledge – perhaps for a future congress? Make sure to check out all the areas where Danish companies excel. No need to brag, but it’s quite a few.

So get ready. In Denmark meetings are for the MIND. That’s why we call them MINDblowing meetings!