Paar wandert im Nationalpark Thy in Nordjütland
Woman taking a photo in the Winter Garden at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen
The big question to start... what do you travel for?

The wonder in the small things in life

Welcome to Denmark! We've put heart and soul, hygge and a little of the wonderful Danish everyday into this website, so you can see for yourself how we Danes do life and holidays. Because we are some of the happiest people in the world (in case you didn't know). And we want you to be happy too. Especially in times like these. (Here's how to travel safely in Denmark right now too...)

22 weird and wonderful things to do

How about skiing off the top of a power station? Or walking gently up through the forest canopy for views across the land? You can in Denmark!

Can you hygge alone?

This article on hygge is for all of you who typed this into Google. Because you are not alone. You can always come and hygge with us.

Denmark is in which country?

Wow. This is one of the most-searched phrases about Denmark. So we can see we have a bit of work to do. But that’s fine! We can absolutely start with the basics...

The Big Four

Small is beautiful, especially when it comes to our Danish cities. And because our four biggest ones are cosy and easy to explore, they're great places to get up close to Danes in their natural habitats!


So clean you can swim in the harbour and go everywhere by bike. Our capital is pretty special.


Aarhus is nestled by beaches, forests and national parks. Oh, and it's a cultural hotspot too.


This quaint little city on the island of Fyn is where Hans Christian Andersen was born!


Viking legacy and vibrant modern living meet in one of The New York Times' top places to visit.

It's all about having a good time

Even when it comes to being sustainable! Try out the many ways you can have fun and go green at the same time, here in Denmark - from embracing our cycling-mad culture to eating New Nordic food and swimming in our clean harbours.

Go green in Denmark

Photo: Viggo Lundberg

The travel basics

No, you can't use euros here. Yes, we do get nice warm summers. And yes, we do have pictures to prove we get nice warm summers. All your Denmark questions answered!

How to get to and around Denmark

Did you know, Copenhagen's metro (which you can take from the airport into the city) has no driver!

17 fun facts about Denmark

We don't have a word for please. We have 444 islands. And we pretend we invented Danish pastries.

Our complete Denmark A-Z

Find out about entry to Denmark, Danish currency, weather and other exciting topics here!

Who needs mountains? We don't!

And it's not because we don't have any. (Although we really don't have any.) It's because our natural wonders are right here, ready to leap into and explore.

12 beautiful places to discover

Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

The wonderful Danish everyday

Think of this next bit as a little look book of Denmark, made by Danes and visitors on their own voyages of everyday discovery!