New Nordic Cuisine

New Nordic Cuisine
In an age of all you can eat, all year round, Danish chefs are leading the way in a new wave of gourmet thinking. Slow food over fast food and locally-sourced produce over food shipped from every corner of the planet. That’s the essence of New Nordic cuisine, a sustainable, healthy and delicious trend that has taken Scandinavia by storm.

Back to Denmark's roots

New Nordic Cuisine is quite literally about going back to the roots of Danish cooking. It’s about getting out into the Danish landscape to forage for the best and most unusual ingredients. It’s about experimenting and presenting exciting new ways of combining traditional ingredients. And of course, it’s all about giving you the best taste and dining experience possible.

Nordic delicacies

You can savour the best New Nordic kitchens in a number of Danish restaurants. Delicacies such as Nordic langoustine, wild salmon, seaweed, foraged berries and musk ox may all be on your menu. You may try recipes from as far back as Viking times. Just make sure you book a table, as the whole world now craves Denmark’s gourmet treasures.

New Nordic kitchens 

Copenhagen is a hot-spot for New Nordic Cuisine but you can also sample this delicious food trend in other parts of the country. Head to Malling & Schmidt in Aarhus or Sortebro Kro on Funen for some excellent examples of traditional Danish dishes brought into the 21st century.

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Superchef René Redzepi runs the exceptional Nordic kitchen at noma in Copenhagen. Adorned with two Michelin stars, noma held the title of World's Best Restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014!

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