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Rainbow Panorama, Aarhus
Are you a journalist trying to figure out what Denmark and the Danes are all about? Tune into Denmark and stay tuned. Denmark Stay Tuned is a free app that will help you tune into this country of bicycles, design, Hans Christian Andersen and new Nordic cuisine.
Friday, June 15, 2012

As the first country in the world Denmark has developed a nation branding smart phone application targeted at international media and journalists.Download the app and get free and ready-to-use editorial texts, images and videos from Denmark as well as local contacts for easy access to additional information and interviews. The app will help you stay tuned by providing you with news from Denmark.

As a journalistic shortcut to information about Denmark, the app will introduce you to the happiest people in the world, Denmark as a green nation and the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the new Nordic cuisine, classic and contemporary design, world class Danish architecture and how Danes think out of the box in many different ways. Finally you will get a rundown of national quirks and the oddest things quintessentially Danish.

The app works online and offline. (Updates, sharing and links only work when online). Images are in high resolution (300 dpi unless otherwise stated). To keep international roaming costs to a minimum, they will appear as links when e-mailed, tweeted or used on Facebook. Videos are all in mp4 360p or 1080p.

Denmark Stay Tuned has been initiated by the International Press Initiative, which is funded by the Danish Government and embedded in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

View the app Denmark Stay Tuned in App Store og Google Play or find it using the QR code in the picture above. The app is available for iPhone and Android using the QR-code.

You can also keep a track of what is going on in Denmark by "liking" our page on Facebook. Find it here: Denmark - Stay Tuned on Facebook

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Download the free app Denmark - Stay Tuned

To download the free app pleae use your QR reader and the QR code in the picture on the left or go to the App Store and find Denmark Stay Tuned or check it out in Google Play for you Android smartphone.

Denmark - Stay Tuned on Facebook

You can also keep track of Denmark on Facebook. Click here and "like" our page Denmark - Stay Tuned.

The Facebook page Denmark – Stay Tuned offers story ideas, local contacts and networking opportunities.