Where to find culinary adventure and genuine Danish atmosphere

Explore The Danish Lakelands Culinary Scene

The Danish Lakelands is a truly extraordinary place where impressive forests, inviting lakes, wild coasts, charming towns and lots of warm-heartedness takes you in to a world of good old Danish values, where intimacy, natural resources and creativity together set the frames for exciting culinary experiences.

The garden of Denmark

Culinary Fyn – the garden of Denmark

The island of Fyn and its rich soil is the foundation for excellent foods. On Fyn, we celebrate the delicious locally produced delicacies with food festival. From May through October, there is plenty of opportunity to get a taste of Fyn – whether they are composed of vegetables, cheese, fruit, beer, or chocolate. The island of Fyn is filled with local producers and farm shops where the specialty items are endless and tasty, and all represent quality products from Fyn.

Michelin Guide's Bib Gourmand award goes to their top picks for great and (relatively) affordable eats

Bib Gourmand Restaurants in Denmark

As well as many fine Michelin Star restaurants, Denmark has a growing list of Bib Gourmand restaurants. The Bib Gourmand is an international award given each year to exceptional restaurants with reasonable prices.

“Smoked lamb culotte with garlic served with speltotto and strawberry salsa”

Hotel Falster

Hotel Falster is a family run hotel and restaurant, located in the heart of Sydhavsøerne (the “South Sea Islands” just south ofZealand), more specifically in Nykøbing Falster. The hotel’s pleasant restaurant offers Danish/French seasonal cuisine and a relaxed, informal atmosphere in which to enjoy the food and drink.

“Spring at the Goose Tower”

Restaurant Snekken, Vordingborg

Restaurant Snekken in Vordingborg serves the rare combination of regional produce in exotic packaging. The restaurant, which overlooks Vordingborg Nordhavn and theFarøBridge, is run by the Sino-Danish couple Susie Chung and Shuwei Fu and produces classic Chinese dishes and with sculpted vegetables.

“Roast confit of pork belly with parsley, beetroot and compote of blue potato”

Fuglebjerg Kro

Fuglebjerg Kro inn, which is located between Næstved and Slagelse, is an old Royal Privileged inn dating back to the 17th century. It serves traditional inn fare with a mix of Danish and French classics. Bread and pickles are made from scratch and many of the ingredients that end up in the kitchen come from local producers.

“Vibygaard lamb with the flavour of the field and Herslev beer”

Svogerslev Kro

Svogerslev Kro inn near Roskilde was founded back in the 17th century. The low-ceilinged, half-timbered inn serves food with an emphasis on classic culinary traditions – from both Danish and French cuisine. Everything is made from scratch using seasonal produce.

“Poached plaice on the bone tossed in shrimp powder, with glazed carrots and pickled dill, foamy shrimp sauce cut with dill oil”

Restaurant Babette

Restaurant Babette has won a host of awards and rave reviews in the 25 years the Vordingborg restaurant has existed. Henrik Pedersen and Vivi Schou adhere to a simple, honest cuisine with respect for both classic French and Danish culinary virtues – and not least good ingredients, sourced, where possible, from local, organic suppliers.

“Pasta with medium smoked salmon and bisque mounted with plums”

Restaurant Svanen

Hotel Maribo Søpark is situated in the heart ofLollandoverlooking the scenic Lake Maribo Søndersø. The hotel’s restaurant Svanen serves international cuisine and a menu that changes according to the season. Where possible, good, local ingredients are used.

“Lamb from Knuthenlund in a bitter setting”

La Comida

La Comida is Spanish for “the meal”. The beautifully decorated cellar restaurant in Nykøbing Falster serves simple gourmet food made from quality ingredients, preferably from the local area. Inspiration is drawn from all overEurope, with the emphasis on seasonal and organic produce, sustainability – and wine!