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Summer holidays in Denmark

Couple walking on beach

Summer inspiration: Denmark awaits

Farm shops

Apples and pears from Fejø, carrots from Lammefjorden, home made salamis, fresh honey and much more. We have listed a number of farm shops where you can buy fresh products direct from the producers.


The best beaches in Zealland, Møn and Lolland-Falster

Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster offer the best beaches with more than 2000 km of coastline. The beaches are beutiful with soft sand and low water. A true paradise for the children.  In autumn and winter the beaches are perfect for walks where the children can let off steam and get rosy cheeks.

Boat trips from Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster

Enjoy Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster from the water by taking a boat trip along the coast. Some boats also offer fishing trips.

Kragerup Estate

Guide to castles and manors

There are many beautiful and interesting castles and manors on Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster. They are a very visible and important part of the landscape and their history stretches over a whole millennium. They all tell tales of events, aesthetics and the way of life through centuries. The oldest buildings, which date back to The Middel Age, are found as preserved castles and ruins.

Gavnø Castle Park

Idyllic castle- and manor parks

Romantic, English and rococo. Peonies, tulips and rare trees. The beuatiful parks surrounding the casles and manors in the region each tell it's own story through various styles and with loads of various and often rate plants. Visit Liselund Castle Park and experience one of the most exquisit romantic gardens, visit the beautiful rococo gardens in Ledreborg Palace Park or enjoy the impressive display of tulips at Gavnø Castle.

viking shield helmet

Viking and Middle Age events

Viking markets, knight tournaments and viking ship sailings. There are many possibilities to get close to experiencing the way our ancestors in Zealand and Lolland-Falster  lived.

On holiday in the Land of Legends

What’s a family of the past?

Bike route Copenhagen - Berlin

It’s necessary to be well trained to do a 600 km bike route. Having divided the route into 15 stages which equals an average of 40-45 km a day gives you a 2 week holiday and the route does seem so long.

Experiences along the route

You can, of course start anywhere you like, but if you start in Copenhagen, the route will look as follows:

Søkildegaard - a farmshop with atmosphere and intimacy

The Kure and Nielsson family and their three daughters have established a genuine and authentic farm shop at Søkildegaard.

Knuthenlund - happy goats and the best cheese in the world

1st of July 2007 Knuthenlund started the largest conversion to organic farming in Danish history. The number of staff increased from 4 to 22. Now 1800 out of 2400 acres are grown organically and the herd numbers 320 dairy sheep and 125 dairy goats. The former cow shed now houses a farm dairy and visitors can get an imminent look at milking and cheese production.

Roskilde Festival - a tasty festival

130 food stalls. That’s what it takes to feed 100.000 people through 8 days. And even though burgers are top of the festival goer’s food list there’s a wider and more healthy selection to choose from. Passing through one of the many food area temptation is inevitable. The food stalls are busy and you’re met by wonderful smells of thai, indian and Mexican food, vegetarian dishes, open sandwiches and wraps.

Cycling denmark

Plan your cycling route online

Cycling Denmark

Danish Cyclists’ Federation

Tivoli Gardens: Let loose at Copenhagen's famous fairground!

Tivoli entrance

Tivoli is the world’s most-visited seasonal theme park

Copenhagen on two wheels

Cargo bike

Built for bike lanes

Child-friendly cycling

Child-friendly cycling holidays

Cycling in Denmark is safe and easy. With the following ideas, information and inspiration, you and your family can get planning and pedalling for a cycling holiday to remember.

Cycling in Denmark

The world’s cycling destination

Children cycling

The whole country at your feet