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About The Denmark Pavilion in Paris

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The Denmark Pavilion is a unique approach to the promotion of Denmark during the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.  


As all eyes will be on the Olympic Games in Paris, Denmark too eyes a unique opportunity to gain great publicity and exposure. Denmark will establish its Denmark Pavilion by the Maison du Danemark – right in the heart of one of the most iconic streets in the world, the Champs-Elysées. 

The pavilion will showcase the very best of what Denmark has to offer across an array of topics that affect our quality of life. From green transition and design to gastronomy and wellbeing, all will be interactively showcased, whilst reaching out to the world press and visitors to the Olympic Games.

Concept & Design

Nestled between the Maison du Danemark and Frederik’s Church, just off the iconic Champs-Elysées, a very Danish pavilion will be built within and around the existing premises. A series of separate spaces will guide visitors through exciting, interactive aspects of everyday life in Denmark.  

During this period, the location has been transformed into a Danish exhibition space, a collaborative effort by architects BRIQ and Lendager. The structure, thoughtfully crafted, seamlessly blends Danish innovation, green thinking and lifestyle expression, creating an immersive environment that mirrors the essence of Danish culture.

Additionally, the adjacent Frederik's Church transforms into a cultural stage, hosting intimate concerts and special events as well as serving as a window to Danish life through video installations.

Denmark Pavilion Chair


Grab a seat and check out innovation and recycling in action with our ‘green chairs’. Principally created by Danish architects Lendager Group for the Tokyo Olympics, these chairs are an exciting example of circular economy and clever design; originally beer kegs, the plastic from them was shredded and moulded to create these fantastic chairs. Thanks to their stackability, they will be used at the Denmark Pavilion to create a walled exhibition space. We hope seeing them in action will create a dialogue amongst visitors, highlighting the possibilities linking green thinking, design and lifestyle. They’ve travelled the world from Tokyo to Milan to New York and will now find a permanent pew in Paris.

The Denmark Pavilion will be a result of the long and respectful collaboration between Denmark and France and is built on the two nations’ strong ambitions for green transition and a shared love of gastronomy.  

Joint Danish Export Platform

A heightened awareness of Denmark’s strengths and competencies is crucial to increase exports, cultural exchange and tourism to Denmark. The aim is to brand Denmark within business, culture, sport and tourism.

The pavilion is approximately 500m2 with space for exhibitions, activities and talks. International press and influencers can get good pictures and stories about Denmark. Visitors can be inspired by Danish ideas and examples of tangible projects the country has used to tackle global issues. The space is made to inspire and be used as a space to engage in conversations about possible solutions to these various problems. 

Unique Location

The Champs-Elysées needs no introduction – a stone’s throw from the iconic Arc de Triomphe, the Denmark Pavilion will be in the heart of Paris. The Paris Olympic venues will be spread all over the city, and being just off one of Paris’ busiest streets, our location has a naturally high footfall.

About the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are more than sporting events – they are a global festival, and the whole world gets an invite.

The Olympic Games garner the world’s attention, and 20,000 journalists are expected to attend the Olympics – all in search of a good story. The Paris Olympics promises to be a blend of cultures and diversity, with over 10 million visitors eager to attend the Olympic Games. To not only enjoy the Games but learn all about the countries and cultures participating – creating a unique opportunity for sharing everything about Denmark!

The Olympics present a unique potential as a global showroom and platform for dialogue and liaison to key contacts for Denmark. The aim is to attract the attention of the media and the visitors to the Olympics by showcasing Denmark in a relevant, thought-provoking and visually appealing way.

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