Treetop climbing in Denmark

Treetop climbing is an exhilarating sport – and a great way to enjoy monkey fun. Denmark is home to a range of treetop climbing centres in scenic woodlands.

Gisselfeld Manor / Adventure Camp

A former abbey, the estate of Gisselfeld Manor on Zealand is set to open 600 metres of treetop walkways in 2018, including a spiralling timber observation tower made with locally sourced organic wood. The tower will offer sweeping woodland views. In addition to 10 treetop climbing courses, the Adventure Camp will also feature Denmark’s longest forest zipline.

Where: Adventure Camp, Gisselfeld Manor, Sealand.
Around 1 hour by car from Copenhagen
Article about the project in the design magazine DEEZEN here

Photo credit: ©EFFEKT

Kragerup Gods / Go High

The stately manor of Kragerup Gods on Sealand offers treetop climbing at their Go High facility. There are 6 treetop climbing courses (covering 6 km) as well as 3.5 km of ziplines (of which the longest is more than 400 m). The manor also offers accommodation, meeting facilities and local dining.

Where: Kragerup Gods, Sealand
About 80 minutes by car from Copenhagen
Website (in Danish only)

Photo credit: Kragerup Gods

Til Tops – in Frederiksdal, Havreholm and on Bornholm

Located even closer to Copenhagen, the Til Tops treetop climbing ranges in Frederiksdal and the manor estate of Havreholm offer treetop climbing on three different courses at heights of 2 and 16 metres.
You will also find a Til Tops climbing range on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm

Where: Frederiksdal and Havreholm north of Copenhagen (25 min by car)
and the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm.

Gorilla Park Vejle and Svendborg

Treetop climbing is available at Gorilla Park just outside Vejle. The company also has a 2.7 km climbing range in the town of Svendborg 40 minutes by car from Odense. At both locations, treetop climbing can be combined with mountain-biking, Segway safaris and other outdoor activities.

Where: Gorilla Park Vejle just outside the city of Vejle
Gorilla Park Svendborg, 40 min by car from Odense

Klatreparken – Aalborg and Randers

Treetop climbing is offered at Klatreparken, which can be found at two locations: close to the town of Randers just 35 min. by car from Aarhus and in central Aalborg next to the city’s zoo – with a view to the wildlife. The Randers facility offers 4 climbing courses, and the Aalborg range has 6 courses. The longest zipline in the Aalborg treetop facility is 250 meters.

Where: Klatreparken Randers, 35 min. by car from Aarhus
Klatreparken Aalborg in the heart of the city
Website (in Danish)


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