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Fira in det nya året på Nimb. Foto: Lasse Salling - Tivoli Gardens

Events 2023 - October through December

Photo: Lasse Salling - Tivoli Gardens

Hot happenings in Denmark - here are all of the things you should experience

Sommerdahl Murders: Haven in Helsingør
Photo: Mike Kollöffel/TV2

Knejpe Festival

Place: Helsingør. Dates: TBD

As the saying went on great sailing ships “You aren’t a real sailor if you haven’t had a good beating in Helsingør!”. Knejpe Festival (the Danish word for tavern) takes you back to an era when the city was full of sailors from around the world. The local taverns host the festival with sea shanties and a little cultural maritime history.

Wildpark "Jægersborg Dyrehave" nördlich von Kopenhagen
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Hubertus Hunt

Place: Klampenborg. Dates: 5 November 2023

The Hubertus Hunt is an annual drag hunt held in the scenic Deer Park in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, marking the last hunting day of the year. 160 hunters on horseback participate with over 40,000 spectators enjoying the traditional picnic in the beautiful Deer Park.

Roskilde Domkirke
Photo: Martin Heiberg, Copenhagen Media Center

Grasp festival by Roskilde

Place: Roskilde. Dates: TBD

The aim of this festival is to boost sustainable change. Science, art and activism are merged in unexpected ways to generate new ideas and point to sustainable solutions for the urgent issues of our time.

Glamping at Camp Adventure in Denmark
Photo: Destination SydkystDanmark

Nordic Adventure Film Festival

Place: Copenhagen & Aarhus. Dates: TBD

Scandinavia’s largest adventure film festival N.A.F.F. is a cinema-based festival started in Copenhagen in 1996 with the mission to support local talent to make adventure films, bridging knowledge from old and new talent and inspiring new filmmakers to explore the world and share their experiences.

Horse carriage in Den Gamle By (old town museum) in Aarhus, Denmark
Photo: © Robin Skjoldborg

Christmas in The Old Town

Place: Aarhus. Dates: TBD

The Old Town Museum in Aarhus is one of the world’s oldest and largest open-air museums and features more than 75 townhouses from across Denmark. You can ride through the museum in a horse-drawn carriage and visit the Christmas-decorated boutiques and market stalls. And don't forget to visit the Christmas House – a labyrinth of Christmas elves.

Christmas in Tivoli Gardens

Place: Copenhagen: Dates: 17 November – 31 December

Visiting the Tivoli Gardens at Christmas is a long and very dear tradition among Copenhageners. Don't miss famous amusement parks’ Christmas lights, market and festive entertainment. The Christmas market has some 60 stalls, all selling gifts and decorations, arts and crafts, delicious snacks and hot drinks to keep you warm.

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