Copenhagen Light Festival in Tivoli

Brighten up the winter with colourful contemporary art

Photo: DCL, Copenhagen Light Festival

In the time of winter darkness, Denmark has taken this opportunity to create something truly special – a month of extraordinary light-art installations in the rainbows’ colours all over Copenhagen. And even more colourful experiences await across the country. 

Copenhagen Light Festival - Let the lights brighten up your February!

Bigger, brighter and better! This year’s Copenhagen Light Festival will supposedly beat them all. The festival will take place between the 1st and 23rd of February 2020 and will lighten up the dark month of February like never before. Appealing to all ages, this modern and contemporary art show offers an absolutely unique experience.

Copenhagen Light Festival

Photo:Mathias Peter Christian, Copenhagen Media Centre

The light-art installations, presented by both Danish and international artists and designers, can be found in and around the city centre at many special and historic Danish places such as squares, facades, and parks. You can look forward to 10 unique and attractive light installations as well as 21 permanent lighting designs, including “the arch”, “the circle bridge”, and “gate of colours”, which illuminate Copenhagen all year round and transform the city into a magical light show.

Once again you can experience (or re-experience) “The Wave” by Vertigo, at Ofelia Square. This time the lights have been revised, distinguishing it from last year’s version. Consisting of 40 four-metre tall triangular gates, all interactively glowing – the installation can be seen from the Opera House, as well as from the inner harbour bridge! We recommend getting up close and walking through the entirety of the installation to get that “wavy” experience!

Copenhagen Light Fetsival

Photo:Kim Matthai Leland

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Denmark’s most popular museum of modern art has got it going on. As lights and colours play a major role this February, it works as a perfect excuse to go see the beloved KUSAMA installation – Gleaming lights of the souls – one of Kusama’s 12 infinity room creations, and one of the most popular installations at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The room consists of a single space, with walls and ceilings covered in mirrors and a hundred lamps resembling glowing ping pong balls, constantly changing colour. Entering this room will truly make you feel as if you have entered a world without physical limitations. The installation is currently closed, but will reopen soon

Another artist using light in all its shapes and colours is Belgian artist, Ann Veronica Janssens, whose work can be experienced in Denmark for the first time ever right here. Aiming to show the manifestations of reality in different ways and in our celebration of light and colours, this installation is the perfect modern art installation to explore the work of both solid, liquid or gaseous light. As a bonus, it is located just outside Copenhagen, and near the coastline of East Zealand, providing the perfect opportunity for a Copenhagen getaway.

Ann Veronica Janssen Blue, Red and Yellow, 2001

Photo:Pascual Merce Martinez

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

How does a ten-story building, packed with modern and contemporary art, sound to you? With 20,700 square meters, ARoS is one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe – and it’s got plenty to offer! ARoS features 4 spacious galleries, a focus gallery and a whole story of installations. Indeed, make sure you end your visit on ARoS’ rainbow rooftop, Your Rainbow Panorama, which offers the best view over Denmark’s second largest city. The panorama offers a truly amazing experience, enabling you to see the city through different kinds of light and colours. It is the perfect place to broaden your outlook, brighten up your otherwise gloomy February, and let the Danish lights guide you through these dark winter months!

Two people walking in Your rainbow panorama, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Photo:Robin Skjoldborg © Olafur Eliasson: Your rainbow panorama

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