Denmark reopens borders to most of Europe

Photo: Daniel Overbeck, VisitNordsjælland

On 25 June, the Danish authorities announced that the Danish borders will be reopened for tourists from most European countries from 27 June.

Tourists from the Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Malta and Romania are not yet allowed to enter Denmark based on assessments from the Danish health authorities and in some cases quarantine restrictions for travellers returning from abroad.

The list of countries, from where tourists are allowed into Denmark, will be updated on a weekly basis to account for any changes in the infection levels. This update will take place on Thursdays.

To enter Denmark, tourists from the approved country must show documentation of a valid booking for a minimum of 6 days on entry. If a tourist wishing to enter shows clear signs of sickness, for example a cough, fever, or similar, they will not be allowed to cross the border.

Tourists travelling to Denmark must inform themselves about the Danish restrictions and recommendations regarding for example social gatherings. 

For more information on the Danish guidelines, please consult the information guide for tourists and the website of the Danish police in English and Danish.

Business travellers should refer to regulations on the Danish Police website.

For more information, please contact: